Many years ago after I became a Private Pilot I had set out to visit as many aircraft manufacturers as I could to learn more about how aircraft were constructed in a “production” environment and also look into the possibility about maybe working for one of them. I live in Florida so it just made sense to start with Piper, then Velocity Aircraft, and soon after I visited TEAM aircraft and Loehle in TN. Eventually I made it out west and was able to tour Vans Aircraft in Oregon. While I was working on my RV6 tail and wing sections I had a job that required me to travel a bit. It is then when I began looking up people that were also building and seeking them out to visit them and see how their build was coming along. This continued again with the building of my Zenith CH750 Cruzer and I have stopped in and even helped some fellow builders during these visits. I really enjoyed this. I really love the culture, community and fellowship of fellow builders and aviation enthusiasts. For years I would say “One day… when I retire, I will just travel around and visit people who are building and document their stories and their progress and share it with others.” Through the process of wanting a career change and moving again I found myself asking this question: “Why wait until retirement?” So here I am… not retired, in my early 40’s, setting out on an adventure to meet face-to-face others that share the same passion that I have. I want to learn more about the different process of aircraft construction, share what I have learned through my experiences and help keep my fellow builders motivated to complete their projects and fly them. I would like to share these experiences with the entire world in hopes of giving others the confidence and courage to start a similar project in their home shop, garage, kitchen or broom closet. Aviation has given me the confidence to try and to do so many things in life and I want others to experience this in the same way.
A little about the Creator:
My name is Bryan Walstrom. I have been flying since the age of 15 (now 41) and hold a Private Pilots License with around 200hrs logged. Born and raised in South Florida (Palm Beach Gardens/Jupiter) there were always aircraft flying over my home and even a “barnstormer” that lived on the next street. I was introduced into the plans building and kit building hobby soon after getting my pilots license. The first passion was building a 2/3rd scale Jenny replica from plans that Early Bird Aircraft created years ago. Then Van’s RV6 caught my eye and I began working with the tail and wing kits. I unfortunately ended up selling these before completion and for a long season was out of aviation working on other projects. Now jumping back in I am working on a mix of scratch building and kit building on my Zenith CH750 Cruzer.
In my career I have held many positions and many roles doing just about everything. I have a very diverse background and continue to build my life resume. Primarily I have been around a lot of mechanical things be it automotive, aircraft and industrial automation. I’ve answered calls for technical support, troubleshooting, service and installation as well as managed very large projects in project management. This videographer and interviewing market is new to me but I am enjoying the process.
I am a husband to my wife Kathryn, and a Father to two beautiful girls “Jetta” who is age 3 and “Avionna” now age 1. Who are all very supportive in this new venture. I hope that all of them will be involved in aviation in some form or another throughout their seasons of life and help inspire others to do the same.